While Drowning in the Desert - Don Winslow If you enjoyed the madcap comedies of years’ past, run, don’t walk to your nearest bookstore, Amazon, or Audible and get this book. It’s very funny, all the while paying admiring homage to the burlesque comedians of the thirties and forties. Remember “Who’s on first”?

Nate Silverstein, a retired vaudeville comedian, claims to have been the origin for that classic Abbott and Costello routine. (If you have never seen the piece, you must have grown up in an Eskimo igloo. Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sShMA85pv8M and watch it. If it doesn't crack you up, you have no sense of humor and won't like this book.) Anyway, Neal (the fixer who works for the Friends of the Bank) is asked to bring Nate back from Las Vegas to his home in Florida. Neal’s job is not to ask why -- ostensibly it’s just because his daughter is worried about him. There follows a series of comic misadventures as Nate tricks Neal to avoid having to return (there’s a good reason that Neal doesn’t know about.)

It’s a silly plot, but a wonderful book. Read or listen to it and enjoy.