Lethal People - John  Locke I haven’t made up my mind yet about how to classify the Donovan Creed series. They are part spoof, part comedy, part James Bond, and part warning of Homeland Security egregious power plays. Donovan lives in a cell where he experiments with new torture weapons (“When I’m in Virginia, I sleep in a prison cell. When I’m anywhere else for more than a day or two, I generally break into the homes of strangers and sleep in their attics,” seeing how much he can take and survive, has a giant friend, Quinn, who looks like the Hulk after passing through a trash compactor, ostensibly works for Homeland Security killing terrorists (and which is often called upon to clean up after Donovan,) but also subcontracts out to a group of little people (Hugo and Victor) engaged in social experiments that involve killing, and Sal, a crime syndicate boss.

“Victor was born with serious respiratory problems. About twenty years ago, he was in the hospital for a minor surgery when a nurse gave him an accidental overdose that put him into cardiac arrest. Someone wheeled him into an elevator on the way to emergency surgery and somehow managed to leave him there. Up and down he went from floor to floor in the elevator for more than thirty minutes before someone realized what had happened. They rushed him to the OR, but the surgeon botched the procedure and Victor suffered a stroke. Subsequent attempts to save his life rendered him a quadriplegic. “Then the hospital made a feeble attempt to cover up the incident. Victor’s attorneys sued both the hospital and the drug company and managed to win the largest settlement ever paid to an individual in the state of Florida.

On the ridiculous names of coffee at Starbucks. “Grande,” I said. “Solo. Venti. Doppio. What the hell is doppio, anyway—one of the seven dwarfs?” “No,” she squealed. “But Grumpy is!” Kathleen’s laughter had passed the point of no return. Her cheeks were puffy, and her eyes had become slits. I frowned again and recited the conversation for her. “All I said was, ‘I’ll have a coffee.’ ‘What size?’ she says. ‘A regular,’ I said. ‘We have grande, venti, solo, doppio, short, and tall,’ she says. ”

It’s all done with such clever tongue-in-cheek, that each of the two books in the series I have read has been quite enjoyable and fun.