Hit Man - Lawrence Block This is a collection of stories featuring Block’s stamp-loving hitman, Keller. If you are looking for a thrill-a-minute with car chases and leaving off tall buildings, keep on going. On the other hand, if you want a well-crafted collection of stories that slowly but painstakingly reveal a man’s character through the most mundane of details, you will find a lot to satisfy your cravings.

Keller is portrayed as a normal businessman suffering often from the ennui common to travelers, making minor comments about his surroundings and life in general, people’s foibles, society’s silliness, in between doing his job, which happens to be killing people. He’s totally amoral, seems to have no loves (except perhaps for a dog and Dot, although my perception of that may be colored by what I know happens in some later stories.) His mere mundaneness is a comment in itself.

Block is one of the most talented writers working in the mystery genre and always well-worth reading, except perhaps the Tanner series (he the lover or lost causes and spy who cannot sleep) which, while often humorous and entertaining, seem forced and silly.