Hitman - Parnell Hall Parnell Hall writes a couple of series, one featuring Stanley Hastings, the P.I. who works for an ambulance chasing lawyer, and the Puzzle Lady series with Cora Felton who pretends to write crossword puzzles and winds up solving crimes. Both can be quite humorous, especially because of the repartee between the characters, with short, loaded sentences, that rarely fail to evoke a grin on the reader's face. As one reviewer noted the dialogue is reminiscent of Abbott and Cistello and Burns and Allen. I agree.

In Hitman, the plot is, as usual, rather zany. Stanley is asked by a local school teacher (he thinks), who happens to be a hitman (or shooter or shitter if you need to combine the terms), to watch his back as he wants to get out of the business. Stanley soon realizes that by following the man, he is preventing the man from following through on the hit, but it puts him in an awkward position that he and his friend Seargeant Macauliff, have to wiggle their way out of. The hitman gets killed and turns out not to be the teacher who turns out to be friends with another teacher with "perky breasts," who turns out to be..... Well, you'll find out.