Strangler - Parnell Hall It’s difficult to write something new about a series of books all featuring the same character, all enjoyable, yet having none that seems to stand out more than the others. I hate to do just a recitation of the plot not wishing to risk the ire of the spoiler patrol. Suffice it to say this book is another in the fine series by Hall featuring Stanley Hastings, the non-licensed P.I. ambulance chaser who works for Richard Rosenbaum who hires Stanly to contract with individuals for personal injury suits.

The cast of characters is amusing and the repartee light and entertaining. The plots usually revolve around Hastings getting himself in some kind of bind or case involving a murder which he then proceeds to solve, not always in the most expeditious manner. But he’s extremely likable and the books remain worth a quick read.

In this one, Hastings himself comes under suspicion as potential clients turn up dead before Stanley can get them signed up for Richard’s legal services.

Enough twists in the end to satisfy the most jaded of mystery readers.