The Legal Limit - Martin Fillmore Clark Just how far would you go to protect a brother or relative? Martin Clark's excellent novel examines the ethical dilemma faced by lawyer and commonwealth attorney, Mason Hunt. He has a desperate secret. He was always protected by his brother, Gates, from their abusive father. While being harassed by a local redneck, Gates, kills the man and Mason helps him cover up the secret. It's a secret that will come back to haunt him.

Gates gets into drugs and Mason finally decides he can no longer get him out of trouble by pulling strings, and Gates threatens to bring the house down around him.

Mason has his own dark side and the scene in which he and his assistant confront a drug dealer who has threatened his wife, and the description of how they cover it up is worthy of an episode of Shark. Mason suffers his own tribulations, the death of his wife, a teenage daughter going through troubled years, and then Gates’ revenge bombshell drops. Now, some 20 years later, Mason is forced to come to grips with his past, and the readers must decide what constitutes justice.

This book is about small town life and ethics, the legal system, and the author builds believable and interesting characters. It has twists and unexpected turns. Apparently based on a real murder case, Clark, a circuit court judge, writes very well and this tale will grip you and not let go.