Julius Katz Mysteries - Dave Zeltserman Humorous yet perversely authentic homage to the Rex Stout stories. Marvelous idea to make Archie a small advanced computer-like entity,* acquired somehow by Julius Katz, antithesis to Nero Wolfe. He chases women and gets plenty of exercise. Not to mention he loves gambling, and that’s where Archie’s sophisticated analysis of the odds helps immeasurably. And, Julius hates to work taking only cases when the bank account gets low and his betting is off. Charming. This book contains two novellas. I hope the series continues.

*So that’s what I am, a two-inch rectangular mechanism weighing approximately one point two ounces. What’s packed inside my titanium shell includes visual and audio receptors as well as wireless communication components and a highly sophisticated neuron network that not only simulates intelligence, but learning and thinking that adapts in response to my experiences. Auditory and visual recognition are included in my packaging, which means I can both see and hear. As you’ve probably already guessed, I can also speak. When Julius and I are in public, I speak to him through a wireless receiver that he wears in his ear as if it were a hearing aid. When we’re alone in his office, he usually plugs the unit into a speaker on his desk.