Back Spin - Harlan Coben Very different from his thriller novels, the Myron Bolitar series is excellent. Myron is a sports rep who doubles as a detective, usually having to drag one of clients out of trouble In this case, Myron investigates the kidnapping of Chad Jack (the “Choker”) and Linda Coldran’s son. Jack is famous for having lost a US open in the last few rounds when he had it otherwise sewn up.

There are some very funny lines about golf and the seemingly idiotic behavior of golfers and their fans. Here “he was writing about an activity [golf] he enjoys as much as sticking his tongue in a fan.” Myron’s friends and associates are characters in their own right: His assistant Esperanza, (who often steals the scenes) had a “glare that construction crews would have liked to hire to break up rock formations.”

Listened to this on audio read by a favorite reader: Jonathan Marosz Lots of fun.