Nuclear Energy - Contribution by Z. Alkan,  Contribution by E. Kugeler You simply must read the reviews of this $8,000 behemoth on Amazon. The one by the spaceship captain is good; but my favorite is:
Simply a gem; thank you Landolt and Bornstein!. Within a few years of buying this book, I had finally done enough research to make it through the first chapter. That same day, I was able to construct my own highly-stable supercritical water cooled nuclear reactor - a perfect Christmas present! Granted, no one on my Christmas list *asked* for a nuclear reactor, but hey, if they don't like it, screw 'em! When was the last time they built their own nuclear power source? Bunch of naysayers. You sit in your tower. I don't need this...

Great book - happily awaiting the sequel!

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