The Soprano Wore Falsettos : A Liturgical Mystery - Mark Schweizer This is the fourth in the hilarious series. Go back and read my earlier reviews to get some idea of the characters and situation, although Hayden is on extended leave as organist from St. Barnabas. Another book within a book, the interior one again Hayden hopes will be a contender for the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest. For example: “The wind slapped me in the mug like a petulant chippy; then it threw its drink in my face, kissed me hard on the mouth, slapped me again, kissed me once more, showed me a good time, stole my wallet and banged open the door of the Possum ’n Peasel just as I walked up--it was one heck of a wind, and I oughta know.” and “All I knew for sure was that when-ever she spoke, I could swear that I heard bells--like she was a cement truck backing up.” and “She walked past the table, her dress clinging to her torso like paint on the nose cone of a B-17 Flying Fortress, a blond bombshell with more curves than an 48/M reverse-panel throttle bracket assembly. “Hi there,” she purred, her engines dropping to idle as she lowered...”

Lots of puns, e.g. the temporary organist is named Agnes Day (For those who don’t get it, it’s a pun on Agnus Dei, translated as “lamb of God” and colloquially as scapegoat.) She’s also the murder victim. In this episode we have a transexual, a medical marijuana grower, a Power Ball winner, Dave gets engaged (but not to Nancy), a new Dip-N-Tan salon (you get dipped into a tanning solution) and a Pirate Eucharist. Again, some LOL scenes.

One comment. To my shame, I was not aware that Vaughn Williams had composed 9 symphonies. I was only familiar with the Sea Symphony, (a choral work) which I like very much, so this comment, “I had taken my time driving in, enjoying the scenery and listening to the Ninth Symphony of Vaughan Williams. It was the symphony about which Aaron Copland quipped, ‘It’s like watching a cow for forty minutes.’ Aaron Copland was right[*], but it was beautiful music for driving through the mountains on a crisp morning in March,” sent me directly to Amazon’s MP3 download section where you can purchase all symphonies as one set.

*P.S. I think Copeland was full of shit.

P.P.S. I never would have guessed the murderer.