Confessional - Jack Higgins I thought I would give Higgins another try. Several years ago I listened to part of a Sean Dillon novel and it must have been the reader. I quit half way through. This one is read by a different reader and perhaps it's the narration or simply a better story, but this one was riveting. The KGB has planted a mole/sleeper in Ireland. He was trained in a replica of a little Irish community located in the Ukraine (yes, it's dated, so what?). Kelly is charged with fomenting discard between the Irish and British in hopes of preventing any kind of peace accord. Brigadier Ferguson and Captain Fox discover a pattern of assassinations almost by accident and they enlist the support of the IRA and Provisional Army to locate the culprit.

Lots of twists and turns, a very believable plot, if archaic and predictable. Solid page-turner.