Flee - A Thriller (Codename: Chandler #1) - J.A. Konrath,  Ann Voss Peterson How does one assign stars or ratings to such a book. Candy for the mind with double the normal dose of sugar. The book has no character development, no intellectual stimulation, precious little humor**, but goodness what a rush. I stayed up all night to see what was around the next corner.

An operative, Carmen, whose real name we don’t know but who has numerous identities has had her cover, and that of her controller, Jacob (although we’re not really sure what they’re professional relationship might be,) blown and she is under attack from all sides, each time barely escaping. And the attackers resemble her both in looks and prowess. She also has to deal with Cory, an escaped convict who had kidnapped Kaufmann, her former parole officer. The reader has no idea what is happening or why. The back story gradually emerges.

Since the plot has few surprises and a certain inevitability after the 14th time Carmen has escaped certain death (the fall from the 95th floor window was fun) it won’t be much of a spoiler to reveal that a government Project Hydra had trained seven twin sisters to be Jason Bourne wannabes, or should I say, better-thans and one of them (take a guess) has a transceiver duplicating one carried by the president, that has the capability of launching a nuclear strike. One of the sisters, in concert with a Russian bad guy, an evil twin, one might say, heh, heh, wants it to get it from her sister to control the world; our heroine wants to stop her.

Once one gets past the extraordinary implausibility of the action, it’s like a roller-coaster ride than never seems to end, each twist and turn, a little more devious and gravity-defying than the previous. Even Jack Daniels makes a cameo appearance for some totally bizarre reason.

**exception: “Incompetence and fragile egos happen. A few jokes about your small cock, and you’re willing to fuck up the simplest task just to get payback. You men take size so personally.” She lets a smile play across her lips. “Especially those who are not so well endowed.” The fingers of his right hand twitch, as if they long to fondle a trigger. “I didn’t hear any complaints from you last night.” Hammett cups Victor’s cheeks. “A little sensitive, comrade? What you lack in size, you make up for. In speed.”