Blood Trail - C.J. Box Hunters are being hunted. Stalked, shot, and then mutilated, Joe Pickett is charged by the governor with tracking down the killer.

There are some lyrical descriptions of scenery and the woods. That’s where Box really shines. Some passages were worth reading a couple times just to enjoy the description (of nature, not the people.)

Not much suspense it’s pretty obvious who the killer is early on, although my credibility was strained by how easy it was for this guy to get around and stump the authorities. I also couldn’t fathom why it was necessary for Joe to get Nate released into his custody to help with the investigation. Box sometimes goes over the edge in preaching the ethics of hunting and nature which seemed out of place and unnecessary and would have been better integrated into the story.

Still, those issues aside, Blood Trail was an enjoyable way to pass the time. I would recommend reading some of the earlier titles first, however, since many characters from previous books make an appearance and without some appreciation for who they are would help the reader.