Breakout - Richard Stark Another classic Richard Stark, a.k.a. Donald Westlake, or vice versa if you prefer. Again featuring that completely amoral thief, Parker, as usual, several things go wrong with the caper forcing Parker to extricate himself from a mess. Unusually, Parker finds himself in prison (again due to a colleague’s carelessness and his own use of a name that had a record from another state) and must breakout. This he and a couple of colleagues accomplish but then he reluctantly becomes involved in another theft only to again have things go terribly wrong (this hardly qualifies as a spoiler since it’s part of the formula.)

Their entrance into the armory and attempted exit is a brilliant example of Westlake’s descriptive writing making this one of the best of the Parker novels. The only problem with reading these novels is that you realize they inevitably come to an end; there is no endless supply.