Bad Intentions - Karin Fossum Detectives Sejer and Skarra take a back seat psychologically in this riveting novel of three friends. Jon is severely depressed and Alex and Reilly decide to sign him out of the mental hospital for a trip to their cabin in the woods near Dead Water Lake. Jon takes anti-anxiety pills every hour and suffers from paranoia, but what does he have to fear from his friends? They decide to go out in the boat at night during a full moon and suddenly Jon stands and falls overboard. Neither Alex nor Reilly do anything, knowing that in his heavy boots and coat, and being unable to swim there is little they could accomplish anyway. Rather than have to answer a lot of questions, Alex decides it would be best if they simply said he wondered off in the morning and they have no idea where he might be. So they call for help the following morning. But why, wonders Detective Sajer, since Jon cold not swim, would his body wind up 100 meters from the shore?

When another body is discovered in a different lake nearby, Sajer and Skarra know there must be a connection but ultimately the dots are connected by the boys themselves. Not really a police procedural since Sejer and Skarra spend most of their time musing rather than investigating. The relationship between the mothers of the two boys seemed almost irrelevant to the story, but it remains an excellent examination of evil, conscience, and charisma.