Bitter Legacy: A Matt Royal Mystery (Matt Royal Mysteries) - H. Terrell Griffin Enjoyable Matt Royal mystery. For some reason, killers are out to get Matt and Logan, his good friend, (the only thing that saved him was a paperback copy of Atlas Shrugged or some other Randian tomb, although how he ever got the book into a pocket escapes me,) but they have no idea why. Does it have some connection to an old islander who had been beaten up while trying to contact Matt? And why are their digs being ransacked? Who wanted Jason Blackmore, a down-in-the mouth lawyer dead?

Matt gets to practice his wiles on J.D. (don’t you dare call her Jennifer), the new detective working for Matt’s friend Lester, the police chief. And there’s the “Hacker” whoc manages things from afar, not to mention Jock who works for a super secret US government agency and when you add Matt, Logan and Jock together, you have a modern version of the Three Musketeers.

My only question is why the author felt it necessary to engage in a long monologue on evil using an extreme example from Vietnam just after he explained to J.D. why he felt he could operate on the fringes of the law to protect himself and his friends. It’s a strain in some books that bothers me; this idea that the law doesn’t work and that only by going outside its framework can justice be achieved.

Still, despite these personal gripes, the story flows well, the characters are developed, and it certainly holds one’s interest.