Wild Wives - Charles Willeford Charles Willeford originally published this under the title Until I am Dead and is often paired with [b:High Priest of California|13345117|High Priest of California|Charles Willeford|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/519X31LRrnL._SL75_.jpg|16498866]. They bear similarities. In both cases does a man fall under the spell of a demented or wicked woman. Jacob Blake is completely taking in by the “dame” who shows up in his office requesting that he protect her from her bodyguards. Things go from bad to worse as Blake discovers he has been a complete fool. It’s classic noir with the down-trodden P.I. who drinks too much and seems never to get an even break. Very short, quick, read. If you like noir, this is a good example of early Willeford before he started writing the Hoke Mosley series (which is better.)

P.S. You can get these really cheap now for your Kindle. I must admit to liking the more salacious original cover, although I would have covered it with brown paper. Note that the title has absolutely little to do with the story.