Loser's Town: A David Spandau Novel - Daniel Depp Spandau is an ex-stunt man and cowboy (if you can define cowboy as someone who ropes steers coming out of a chute) who is currently working as a P.I. The plot is rather ordinary, but the characters have a certain appeal and the dialog is fun. Spandau is hired to protect an actor, r Bobby Dye, who is being blackmailed by a local thug, Ritchie, who did him a favor by getting a dead body out of his bathroom. Ritchie wants to use Dye in a second-rate movie and Dee wants desperately to get out of doing it fearing it will ruin his career.

Depp (I believe I read somewhere Daniel is Johnny’s brother) has an eye for the Hollywood scene with all its foibles and bizarre fetishes which help to make this book quite entertaining.

For those in Hollywood who might wonder, the author begins with the following:

They are not They.
He, She, or It, is not You.

I listened to this as an audiobook and one Amazon reviewer who read the paper copy remarked how much she thought the dialogue sparkled when read aloud. Certainly Don Leslie, the reader in this case, does a great job with the characters and narration.