Charlie's Bones - L.L. Thrasher This was my "in the shower" and "cleaning up the basement" book. I don’t like stories with supernatural elements it puts my crap-detector into overload. Contrary to the normal, I really liked this story which has a charming, naive quality to it. Or perhaps it was just the excellent narration of Stephanie Brush. Who knows.

Lizbeth Lange has inherited a mansion and fortune from her older ex-husband who had decided to completely cut out his previous two wives and their children from his will. She decides to build a pool and that’s when things get weird. A skeleton is discovered, and suddenly Lizbeth finds she can see and talk to “Charlie” a former undercover agent who had been murdered and buried in her yard 30 years earlier, before she was born. The way the author handles the interaction between Charlie (not a ghost) and Lizbeth is good, setting the parameters of what he can and cannot do at levels that if not realistic, at least are plausible from a parallel universe standpoint.

This book will especially appeal to those of us who grew up in the sixties, particularly if you remember 1969 (I was just graduating from college) as the author nostalgically brings up many cultural and historical events from that year when Charlie had been killed. I liked the way Thrasher sets up the parameters of what Charlie can and cannot do and his integration into the story. Charmingly comedic and a good mystery.