The Killer - Tom Hinshelwood Victor is the consummate assassin who has been hired to kill someone and retrieve a thumbnail drive. After the job, he realizes that he has also been targeted by a group of assassins and now he's on the run trying to discover who sanctioned him and why.

The CIA is also interested because the man Victor killed was supposed to turn the drive over to them. It contained the coordinates of a Russian ship that had foundered at sea and sank with some highly advanced cruise missiles. The CIA would love to locate the ship and recover the missiles. Well, it turns out everyone wants the missiles: the Russians, the CIA, a rogue group within the CIA, etc. etc. And, of course, everyone is after Victor including another assassin.

Frantic action, predictable but a much better than average assassin-novel (that seems to have become its own genre) that I could easily imagine on the screen, staring Tom Cruise. Oh, wait, they did that one didn't they?