The Death of an Irish Sea Wolf - Bartholomew Gill I am really liking Bartholomew Gill. The Peter McGarr series so far have all been excellent and this one is no exception.

Clement Ford, the man who controls a trust very beneficial to the inhabitants of an island off the Irish coast, but who lives very modestly, has been watching the sea for a quarter century, fearing that Angus Rehm and his past might have caught up to him. When Rehm does turn up, he secrets the information about the trust with a neighbor and plans to flee. Before he can, Rehm and his children arrive seeking vengeance, leaving several dead in his wake. Ford escapes and Rehm must now ferret out the secret even though the police are swarming over the island, especially given that one of the dead was a retired cop.

Gill does a wonderful job portraying the distrust of the old Irish for newcomers and those from the mainland, especially after the EU loan to Ireland that resulted, so the old-timers say, in the GUBU (Grotesque, Unbelievable, Bizarre, Unprecedented) corruption and scandals that resulted. “The likes of foreigners and scuts, like you. Yeh’ve ruined this country, this island, and now my son [the father of the dead cop is speaking to McGarr]. Frauds and gobshites [love that word] all of yiz. Mots, bowsies, and gurriers.” Lovely.