Robert B. Parker's Killing The Blues - Robert B. Parker, James Naughton, Michael Brandman I always liked the Jesse Stone series better than Parker's Spenser novels. After his death, the series has apparently been taken over by Michael Brandman, and it's been a disappointment. He's tried to capture the staccato cadence of Parker's books and succeeded to some extent, but Stone has lost all subtlety and he's not as interesting a character. Meld that with several irrelevant side-plots that muddy things (cat, bullying, personal vendetta, another real estate agent squeeze, etc.) and one wonders where things are going. Brandman is just trying to hard to add the pop-psychology crap that irritated me in the Spenser novels, and we are expected to believe that Jesse Stone lecturing a group of girls on their bad behavior will immediately reform them. Then he lectures the principal of the school in a silly diatribe. Molly and Suit disappear into the muck whereas in the real Stone books they were developing into interesting characters.

Oh well. Robert Parker should be left to rest in peace. The idea that anyone could simply pick up and continue a series demeans the author's craft.