Injustice For All - Scott Pratt This has potential to be a good story, a real page turner that suffered from multiple shifts in time sequences and characters.

Joe Dillard is a former defense attorney turned prosecutor. When his friend commits suicide because of some ill treatment by a local judge, everything begins to unravel as the friend's son is sought for the murder and Dillard's boss asks him to file charges that Dillard considers unethical. Oh yes, he's also haunted by the execution of an innocent client. And, oh yes, his wife has breast cancer, but his son is a great baseball player who, of course, gets good grades. Corrupt sherriffs, but a really good one, too.

Lots of problems with this book: a facile ending, too many side-trips, shifting POV's, tense changes, too predictable, etc. And yet the story pulled me along. Probably be a great, if somewhat frustrating, airplane book. Think this review is disjointed? Read the book.

And I swear that animal on the cover looks like a sealion.