Hush Money - Max Allan Collins Continuing my reading of all the Nolan series books. In this 4th installment, Nolan plays a very different role, that of moderator. Nolan doesn't even make an appearance until about a third of the way into the book. The relationship between Jon and Nolan deepens and their wordplay is occasionally quite funny.

Members of the Des Moines DiPreta mobster family are being assassinated and the Chicago family, knowing of Nolan's connections with both families, if somewhat tenuous, in addition to knowing the possible shooter, wants him to intercede and stop the bloodshed.

If you enjoy the Parker series, you'll like Nolan as well, although, Nolan, getting older and looking for some kind of quiet retirement, becomes more likable and human. Note, there is enough back story to irritate those who have read the series so far, but also enough to make it a stand-alone.

Now on to the next one, Hard Cash.