The Prosecution - D.W. Buffa Joseph Antonelli is coaxed out of retirement by a judge, an old friend, who has learned of a charge against the current chief deputy D.A. that he had had his wife killed. The confessed killer, offered the testimony that he had been hired to kill her in return for a reduced sentence.

We'll forget details of the plot, or should I say plots, since there are really two distinct story lines, tied together only by Antonelli's friendship with the judge. As is usual in books like this, each story has a little twist at the end that serves to expand our understanding of Antonelli's character as he plays both sides of the fence in this one.

Buffa really knows how to write courtroom dialog. Those sections are very hard to put down. Antonelli's ruminations might prove distracting for those who wish a more linear story that moves without pause, but I find it's always nice to stop a while and smell the roses.