Where Angels Fear to Tread [With Earbuds] - Allen Steele, Marc Vietor I usually don't read much SF, but I enjoyed listening to this book which handles the "time-travel paradox" very nicely. The paradox simply states that if you travel back in time you risk slightly altering events which could then lead to you not being born which means you could not have traveled back through time.

Two time travelers are on the Hindenburg as passengers. They are seen by Erik Spehl, the rigger frequently charged with being a saboteur who placed a bomb causing the Hindenburg to explode as it arrived at Lakehurst. The Hindenburg had been delayed so the bomb exploded while it was mooring, rather than after all the passengers were off, as Spehl had intended. Spehl sees the time traveler, a woman, and decides he doesn't want to be responsible for her death so he changes the time when the bomb is to explode. He then survives the crash, unlike what happened in 1937. That results in an alternate world timeline and the time travelers, their machine suffering mechanical? difficulties, has to set down in 1998.

An interesting story that I thought lost a lot of steam at the end. The premise was really interesting, the paradox had possibilities, but the way Steel handled the ending was just lame. Perhaps I would have enjoyed the complete novel (Chronospace) expanded from this novella. The reader was very good.