An inch of time - Peter Helton Chris is a painter who moonlights as a private detective. Or vice-versa. He lives with Annis, another painter who shares her affections between Chris and Tim, Chris's partner in their little investigation firm. Tim is a former safe-cracker, now supposedly reformed, who has become an IT specialist. Tim plays but a small role in this particular novel, which sometimes feels more like a travelogue than a mystery.

The owner of a huge grocery chain has enlisted Chris to find a missing employee, one who might have taken off for Greece, and since he mistakenly thinks Chris speaks Greek -- Chris is not about to disabuse him of the idea since the idea of paid work where it's warm and sunny is most appealing --there were few P.I.s to choose from. Chris is afraid to fly so he has a friend loan him an old, well-used camper van to get down to Greece. (Good thing the assignment wasn't in Mexico.)

Chris soon discovers he's being followed by a variety of people, that accidents seem to follow him, and the woman he is looking for, seems to be unfindable (although I must say he doesn’t seem to put much effort into the search.)

It's an odd little mystery that occasionally has the same appeal of Paul Theroux. I found it easy to put down, do something else, then pick it up again. It's not that I never wanted to finish it, there just didn't seem to be much compelling me to do so. Nevertheless, I did so.